North Union Street 1100 East Weber Street. John Brown, Stockton from 1851 to 1859, is noteworthy to inform Commodore Stockton of the assault on Los Angeles on his four day trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Become regarded as the' California Paul Revere,' Brown-dubbed Juan Flaco-was sent by his action to safeguard the town. He is deposited on this spot on the national Citizen's Cemetary, which is number 513 on the California Historical Mark register in the Historical Conservation Office.


John Brown, called "Juan Flaco" or "The Paul Revere of California." In 1844 John Brown, during the American conquest of California, rode in four days from Los Angeles to San Francisco, warning Commodore Stockton against the siege of Los Angeles. In the old Citizen's Cemetery, he was placed about 1100 E. N. Weber Street. Union Street. Union Street. When it was the cemetery


In 1846, when the Mexican-American conflict erupted, an army of Californians besieges the American garrison in Los Angeles. California historians enjoy the story of John Brown, "the Paul Revere of the Californian people."


Outnumbered 10-one, a hopeless request for reinforcement was scribbled and a high, slender man called "Juan Flaco" or Skinny John was tasked with his shipment.


A Swede raised Johannes Braun who Anglicized his title (because he had not already had enough titles, I suppose) to John Brown, his task was to gallop through hostile borders, send a signal to the Commodore Robert F. Stockton in Monterey. He had to give the signal.


In four exhausting days, Brown, which had abandoned Monterey, hit and sent the signal, drove 350, 400, 500 or 600 hazardous kilometers, according to your record.


The people were resulted to L.A by Stockton and John C. Fremont. They were actually too early to relieve the garrison which could give up and march back. But the Californians fought for success and Los Angeles guaranteed for America. His historical feat has cemented his name as one of the greats of American and Californian history.

This amazing landmark is located near Downtown Stockton and also only a short distance away from:

  • Burial place of John Brown

  • Weber Point

  • Temple Israel Cemetery

  • County Courthouse Site

  • County Jail Site

  • Miner Levee Site

  • Temporary Detention Camps at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds

  • Reuel Colt Gridley Monument

  • Benjamin Holt Home

  • Swett-Moreing Home

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