(1869) The house of St. Benjamin Holt's e Park was built in 1869 in the fashion of the Greek revival by his birthday's baby Benjamin Brown. The building is characterized by rectangular pillars, elevated doors, elevated tops and a strong, rectangular structure. It was uncommon when the majority of houses were made in the Gothic style. On the reduced ground there are numerous tiny spaces which are helpful for visitors; the kitchen was on the primary ground; on the second floor there is a bigger kitchen and several tiny spaces linked to the lengthy corridor.

His house was quite remote and held over the full town at the moment of Holt's best-known creation, and its nearest neighbours were a brawery, asylum on North American Street. Holt and his siblings, a New Hampshire native, began a wagon and a wheel company, which was extended to the south by moving to Stockton in 1883. Their company Stockton Wheel produced concrete and metal roller tires, mostly used in streetcar building. In 1892, the firm was renamed the Holt Manufacturing company, transferred to Aurora Street and became one of the first major enterprises to make the town recognizable.

The Combined Harvester was produced and sold in the United States and around the world. It is a small piece of agricultural equipment similar to the traktor, which had to be pulled by 26 mules and horses. The firm manufactured and marketed a track-type motorcycle from Caterpillar after November 1909 which subsequently affected the building of blanket tanks. In resolution No29,100 on 7 June 1971, the house was added to the city register.

The house is located at # 82002254 on the national historical register and it was added to the national register on 2 March 1982, and it is the home of the Martin Gipson Center at the Mental Hygiene division of San Joaquin County Health Care Services Agency. Benjamin Holt, who would eventually combine his father-in-law Benjamin Brown into the Caterpillar Tractor Corporation, constructed the house. The building is a two-story building, colonial revival, wood frame design, which was constructed many years ago. In 1904 the new family car was added to a garage. The working region on a half-acre plot is 5,542 square metres. The garage is 514,9 m2.

This amazing landmark is located near Downtown Stockton and also only a short distance away from:

  • Burial place of John Brown

  • Temple Israel Cemetery

  • Reuel Colt Gridley Monument

  • Benjamin Holt Home

  • Temporary Detention Camps at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds

  • Swett-Moreing Home

  • County Courthouse Site

  • County Jail Site

  • Weber Point

  • Miner Levee Site

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