Avenue 222 E Weber. Despite his preference for the site of the ancient Franklin School, at the confluence of Washington Centre, Lafayette and Commerce Streets, Charles Weber has given the site to the city. Since the location of Hunter Square was situated more complex and also the biggest unbuilt zone in the town, Weber decided to give the property provided a main square was included. In 1853 (dedicated to1854), the first court was built on the western side of the block by the slough filling. 

Because of poverty, the county first started their courthouse and city hall in two rented rooms in the McNish Building. The Basement is where the prison was held. It housed the court of sessions, county officials, the lawyers office, and jail. Since the county was in so much debt they needed a plan of action. In 1853 a bill was introduced to the legislature and its passing allowed the county to build a jail and courthouse. They took very fast action to build it.  

The building took inspiration from Doric architecture. It stood 50 ft tall and it was jointly used by county and city officials. Of the twelve rooms on the lower level two were court, two were jury. The City hall was placed on the upper level and the whole building had only one staircase. The heart of this building was made by masons and their amazing brick work. The foundation was made of Vallejo sandstone as well/ The two halls were extremely wide and had entrances on all sides of the building. This city hall was used as an assembly for firemen, military balls, church festivals, common council, political conventions and much more. In 1861 the agricultural hall was built on the east side which served as an extra assembly place as well. 

Not much major renovations has taken place in the early years of the courthouse. They did add a chain fence in 1858. This square has served as the cities centerpiece and gathering place for many professions and the community as a whole. This location has much historical value to the area and is a cornerstone in Stockton’s history.

This amazing landmark is located near Downtown Stockton and also only a short distance away from:

  • Temporary Detention Camps at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds

  • Benjamin Holt Home

  • County Jail Site

  • Weber Point

  • Miner Levee Site

  • County Courthouse Site

  • Swett-Moreing Home

  • Temple Israel Cemetery

  • Burial place of John Brown

  • Reuel Colt Gridley Monument

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