What are the Different Types of Plumbing?


There are six different types of plumbing that take place in a residential or commercial setting. In this section we will dive a little deeper to explain what each type of plumbing is, what it consists of and where it is typically found in a potential setting. 

  1. Water Supply Plumbing- As one of the most common plumbing needs, water supply plumbing is plumbing that provides flowing water to and from residential or commercial settings. Specialized plumbers who work solely on water supply plumbing can be seen working on jobs pertaining to sinks, toilets, water faucets, sanitary pipes as well as, kitchen appliances (i.e. automatic ice maker, dishwasher, refrigerator water dispenser).

  2. Sanitary Plumbing- Sanitary plumbing refers to plumbing having to do with restrooms and bathing rooms. With these kinds of plumbers specializing in sanitary projects, they can usually be seen installing pipes in developing residential areas and newly built commercial spaces. 

  3. Drainage Plumbing-  Drainage plumbing refers to plumbing the drains all pipes and disposes of them properly. This can be seen in garbage disposal systems, toilets, showers, rain grates and other common drainage sites. Also depending on the kind of drainage needed, these types of plumbers can be seen working closely with other plumbers mentioned in this section. 

  4. Gas Fitting Plumbing- In most cases, residential and commercial settings have some type of heating and cooling system in place. The heating and cooling systems, if not powered solar, are typically heated with gas cylinders. These cylinders are connected throughout the residential or commercial setting to ensure adequate heating. In order for these systems to function properly, they need to be installed by a professional and certified gas fitter. In most cases, these types of plumbers are specifically contracted to set-up or fix gas pipes and systems.   

  5. Roofing Plumbing- Depending on the region and climate, some houses or commercial buildings are built with newer roofing systems that have heating and cooling built in them. Other roofing jobs that require plumbing are high-occupancy apartment buildings and large businesses. Because it can be quite complicated to arrange high amounts of piping below apartment buildings, some make the decision to arrange them above the roof. In large businesses it might seem more reasonable to install piping above the roof or throughout the roof because it is more cost efficient. Depending on the scenario residential and commercial customers may have the ability to choose whether they need roofing plumbing or not. 

  6. Mechanical Services & Repairs- Aside from the installation of pipes and plumbing systems, servicing and repair plumbers do just that- service already installed systems and repair broken or malfunctioning systems. Though these types of plumbers are specialized in certain projects, there are a variety of plumbers who can and are able to repair all types of plumbing systems (i.e. residential and commercial).

With each plumbing specialization being different, it is important to remember what type of plumber is necessary for each situation to avoid excess fees, time wasted and project incompletion. If you have a job that needs to be worked on and are unsure which category it falls under, feel free to give us a call at (209)952-3204 or visit our website and we will be sure to have an expert contact you. If you would rather speak to someone in person, you can also visit our office!

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