How Do Plumbers Unclog Drains?


Need to Clear a Clogged Drain?


Drains are perfect things to have in their property for many homeowners. Every time they use the sink to wash their hands, their dishes, or the meat and vegetables they need to prepare dinner, or go to the bathroom for a shower, they are assured that the water they use and the dirty elements they have removed will go straight down the drain, never again to be seen. The same applies to anything you can dispose of in any drain— oil and grease, residual drinks, cooking liquids, cleaners, soap suds, and the like.


There are, however, cases where homeowners find, to their dismay, that the drain fails to magically remove the water and other things they have disposed of — and worse, all the stuff is coming back up the drain. And the resulting concoction— an evil mix of hair strands, grease, soap scum, cooking fat, stringy vegetables, and other things that are supposedly in the middle of a rotting process — is threatening to remain visible in the sink or bathroom (and even to spread to other areas of the house), giving off horrible odors and potentially exposing the entire household to undesirable germs.


Calling up the right professionals


There are simple ways to identify a clogged drain, according to experts in plumbing. Whether you find that bubbles come up as water flows, or the water takes too long to leave the sink or surface, or odd odors emerge from the sink or drain, it's very possible that the drain is all stuck up.


Rather than messing around with the sink or bathroom, trying to figure out the problem yourself, you should call your long-established local plumbers to get to the root of your problem and get the drains back to work properly.


Here are examples of drain clearing techniques that your plumbers can employ:


  • Tree root removal.


Clogged drains may in some cases be caused by the entanglement of tree roots in the property of the client with the maze of pipes. For this specific operation, you would need the help of professionals who have the right equipment and skills.


  • Camera inspection of pipes.


Plumbing experts will have the equipment needed, such as a visual snake inspection device, so they can display photos on a digital monitor screen that can inform them about the extent of the clog in the depths of the pipes that are difficult to reach. This will help the plumbers point the best way to clear the clog in the right direction.


  • Cable drain clearing.


Plumbers use a variety of tools to remove the clog, ranging from small, basic hand snakes to powerful drainers that can also clear large sewer pipes. A flexible cable is usually threaded into the pipes and the cable attachments help to clean the clog (through cutting, boring, scraping, and pipe blockage recovery).


  • Hydro jetting with a high-pressure water jetter.


This is often viewed as a last resort if all other methods of drain clearing have failed. A water jetter uses a high-pressure pump to eliminate the stubborn blockages and clear heavy obstructions. It will not cause further damage to the property of the client as powerful as the machine may be, and will allow water to flow freely through the drains again.


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