How Do You Clean A Drain?


Check out these DIY Tips for Drain Cleaning to review.




With the easy use of a plunger, several obstructed drains can be replaced. This process is much faster than using the snake draining method, so first trying this tool will save you the mess that other drain cleaning tools can create. While many think they understand how to use a plunger, most of them don't do it properly. Place the plunger's rubber head against the drain to create a seal; do not allow air to flow through.


Start pushing the plunger to invert the ear. Remove the moving motion back to the original position until the head pops. Repeat this step 5 to 6 times or until the water starts draining. Place the plunger aside and reach for another DIY drain cleaning tool mentioned below if this doesn't seem to work.




To collect unwanted clogging, using a Snake Drain Auger is an immense way to reach a clog further down your reach into your pipes. While this is a more effective way to clean clogged pipes, it takes a little more expertise than using your normal plunger. Remove any screening, such as a tub drain or hair trap, that may cover your access to your drains. Insert the snake cable into the drain while continuing to push while rotating the cable handle in a clockwise motion. Your cable grip should be roughly 3 inches from the opening of the drain as you begin to rotate the handle. Such a tight grip helps you to avoid the clog when forcing the cable into your piping further down. Eventually, as you enter the problem area, you will begin to feel resistance. Don't confuse this with the curve of the tubing. Start moving and keep working to get over the pipes' curve. Once you've come across the clog, try to hook it by slowly pulling it up and pushing it down, breaking down the matter. Continue to turn the handle until you feel that the auger can easily move through the resistance area. Slowly take the auger out, so it all holds on and doesn't fall back into the pipe. Run hot water through the drain after removing the entire auger to decide if your drain clogging problem has been solved.




Everything else leads to chemical drain cleaners if the first two methods fail. Due to the amount of sulfuric acid and high concentration of lye, these cleaners act quickly. It is important to follow all the directions and warning labels on all chemical drain cleaners, because they all have their own way to quickly get through hard clogs. Note, by running a decent amount of water through your drain, in order to flush the remaining chemicals.




Such quick-acting drain cleaners use powerful elements to save you time by quickly solving your blocked drain issues. Not only do the chemical drain cleaners get through the pipes' tough waste, but it helps in preventing it from happening again. Here are some chemical drain cleaners that are known to help extend or improve your drain's life.


  • Drano

  • CLR (Calcium Lime Rust remover)

  • Pure Lye

  • Liquid- Plumr




All natural drain cleaners, if not fully flushed after treatment, are a way to avoid the odors and residual contaminants that exist. It is also a preferred method for homeowners who may have children, reducing the risk of swallowing or playing with potentially hazardous chemicals. Here are some natural alternatives when it comes to drain cleaning which is safer to use at home.


  • Baking soda and vinegar

  • Baking soda with lemon juice

  • Salt, borax, and vinegar

  • Run boiling hot water


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