How Much Does A Water Conditioner Cost?



If you buy an off-the-shelf water softener from a Major Box store you will still get rock-bottom prices.  Prices can sound appealing, but the lower price does not include installation and often means components of poorer quality, very minimal warranty, reduced device lifetime and higher maintenance costs.  Many notices that they spend more by attempting to Soft Water-Five variables that impact the price of a water softener "save" money on a large box store's purchasing price of a water softener, but end up with higher long-term maintenance or repair costs.  


There are a few highly-priced water softeners on the other end of the spectrum.  Many water treatment practitioners charge the highest dollar because they may have high lease fees, their systems may have loads of whistles and bells, or they may simply sell their goods improperly. Simply put, it doesn't automatically mean the most costly water softeners are the best water softeners. 


A water softener that offers good long-term value should have third-party approval, be made by a reputable manufacturer, use quality materials, provide long-term, extended guarantee, and be energy-efficient.


Five Factors That Affect the Price of a Water Softener


There are usually five factors that a water treatment specialist should consider when presenting you with a quote for a water softener device:


1. Size of System:  The size of the device is dependent on three things: a) how much water needs to be drained, b) the size of the home or the amount of water fixtures in the home to ensure sufficient water pressure, c) the water hardness.


2. Quality of Components:  The quality of the part used in a water softener is huge.  There is, for example, less durable softening resin, and more durable resin.


3. Type of Valve: A softener's valve is the brains of the machine.  A consistency valve can ensure the soft water is continuous when you need it. On a timer, which is more likely to be unreliable, a very simple valve can work, and wastewater.  Programmable metered valves are much more effective, more environmentally friendly, and usually give several advantages for valve operation.


4. What’s in Your Water:  Most likely, a water expert will perform a water test or have a water analysis to understand what's in your water and to decide which product(s) will better meet your needs.  Treatment or pre-and/or post-filtration can be recommended to better clean the water. A water softener system also involves a pre-filter that fixes chlorine or chloramine problems and a reverse osmosis under the kitchen sink that provides drinking and cooking with pure water.


5. Installation Costs: Most water treatment companies provide installation with the purchase price of a softener.  Whether your home is pre-plumbed for a softener or more, the price could be less if your home is older and the installation may be difficult and time-consuming.


Price Isn’t Everything


Educate yourself about water softening before talking to a water professional, so that you can make the best decision possible.  Read about hard water signs and symptoms, and how it affects your home. You may want to learn today about the many issues related to municipal water supplies. The more you are conscious, the better you will be at making the right choice for you.


If you are having a “steal of a deal” or charging your water softener premium rates, find a water treatment professional you can trust. A reliable water treatment contractor would be able to decide what size unit is required and how the water that enters your home is handled appropriately. When your device is correctly calibrated to your household use and is designed appropriately for your home, you can save a lot of wastewater.


Ask the water treatment specialist for recommendations, and make sure you purchase a high-quality unit, backed by an excellent guarantee.  When all of these variables suit, then you should feel confident about your decision to buy.

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