How Often Should You Use Drain Cleaner?


How Often Do I Clean My Drains?


There are plenty of suggestions out there on how much the drains should be cleaned, most of which are contradictory. Look long enough and find things that indicate cleaning annually, monthly, or even weekly. We think, however, that the monthly alternative is the best, mainly because it can become part of a regular routine without a big hassle.


We all know it can become such a hassle to do something regularly that we stop doing it, whether it's a weekly report or a gym ride. A weekly job can be something that you love and look forward to, or it could be just another burden that you have to deal with (we would guess that cleaning the drains will fall into that second category!). And, if it turns into a pain, you're much more likely to "forget" to do it or deliberately put it off in the list— which completely defeats the purpose.


Quarterly cleanings aren’t exactly ideal, either. You end up with the opposite dilemma instead of regular cleaning that becomes a hassle to do: it's something you don't do often enough that ends up forgetting to put it in your priorities. Some problems arise and mess with your timetable, so you let the drains slip free. The next thing you know, it's been a year and you're taking a shower in the deep water that already reaches your ankle because the drain is backed up.


Both of these conditions are things that you need to be mindful of when you set a plan to clean your drains. And don't forget that it may be of utmost importance to clean your drains, especially if your drains are particularly prone to clogging. We think it's worth saying again: doing something now can help you avoid a lot of work later.


How Often Should You Use a Drain Cleaner?


Blocked drains are not only dirty, but can also lead to many other issues if not regularly cleaned; a common occurrence is the proliferation of germs and bacteria around chock drains. And often, one blocked drain can result in a ripple effect, as the other drains are also blocked, resulting in a bigger problem.


Why Do Drains Get Blocked?


One of the main reasons why drains are blocked is because of the residue found in fat, soap and grease. If these are deposited in the drains over time without an appropriate drain cleaner, they block the pipes and prevent water from flowing smoothly unless they are cleaned regularly. Such products are part of our daily use and cannot be stopped from flowing through the drains. However, we should clean the drains on a daily basis so they don't build up together. Drain defects and occasional collapse of drain can also result in inefficient operation of drains.


How Should We Clean the Drains With Cleaners?


It is always recommended that the drains should be regularly cleaned. Our professional drain cleaners are the best people to do this job. Drain jetting, one of our skilled drain cleaners' procedures, pushes the drains to clean water. On the other side, the rear-facing jets provide the push needed to force the jets through the drains, clean and clear as they go along. Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, high-pressure water jetting. It has proven to be a highly successful cleaning system of drains, of all shapes and sizes.


How Often Should You Clean the Drains Professionally?


It is highly recommended that you should get the drains cleaned at least once every two or three years. This frequency should be increased if the drains are getting blocked regularly.


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