Is A Slab Leak Dangerous?

Too bad is the leak of a platter? An underlying leak, known as a slab leak, is a serious problem. It's a serious problem. If the water pipes located under the concrete slab that make up the base of your house grow even small cracks or holes, they will damage your property significantly by the rain. If you have a slab leak, the economic effect of increasing water or electricity bills may have already been felt, even before you knew that plumbing was a problem. Dangerous and unavoidable damage that can be caused by this type of water leak. If you think you've got a leak, call R.S. Early Andrews. Now. Slab leaks can cause a number of problems, some of which just make your house and property annoying and extremely harmful.


Here are some of the problems in your home due to these leaks:


Floors destroyed and tapestries carried by rain. If the water enters from below into your building, then there is no alternative but to get up, saturate floors, crack tiles and carpets, and soak Foul odors. A slab's leak will make your home smell like a rough water, or worse, if the leak is in the pipe. Fashion. When water from the bottom is absorbed from your house, drywall and wood will absorb it quickly. Wet drywall causes the growth of moulds in your walls which could put you and your family at risk. The harm is much more serious outside your home. Leaks from dome can and will cause: damage to the foundation of your house.


Dish leaks can weaken your foundation's structural integrity of the concrete and steel supports. Ultimately, water pressure and erosion will shift and push the foundation, and even cause your yard to crack or collapse. The leak can sometimes come from pipes under your yard, and floods, and your countryside and grass can ruin you. The leak under the deck can all cause damage to pools, brick or concrete trails or paths and other landscape elements.


A health problem is no easy matter. Such leaks may cause this to be one of the possible dangers. Water becomes a mold breeding soil when it sits for a long time. When they expand, without you noticing them, they invade your home gradually. You will have respiratory problems if you breathe in the mold for a considerably long time. Rotting can occur and cause serious problems over time. It improves the damp surroundings.


As mold spreads, it often causes problems such as wheat, coughing and other respiratory symptoms in the upper tract. The effect can be very serious for infants and children. These leaks tend to weaken the foundation of the whole house. The resulting water pressure can often cause a fundamental shift that can break and collapse of concrete and stainless steel. Such leaks will cause more prevalent problems for homes built more than 30 years ago with concrete sheets as its base. These homes have been built with a water plumbing copper pipe and have proven to be dangerous in most cases. Copper pipes ruptured are proof and may take some time to see the problem.


This is why it is essential to understand that these leaks go beyond irritation. It can damage the foundation severely, and it is very costly to have time and money to repair it. A damaged house, especially if children are in the family, is not a right place to live.


Suspect You Have a Slab Leak? Call RC Plumbing!

If you think your home or business may have a slab leak, it’s best to get an inspection done first thing.  If you live in the communities around Stockton, Lodi, Patterson or in San Joaquin County, give RC Plumbing, Stockton’s best plumber and premier slab leak detection service a call now.  During our inspection we will carefully determine what problems exist, develop a plan for fixing the problem and provide you with an estimate of costs and time necessary to correct the leak. Our licensed and expert plumbers will also provide a detailed repair time (if necessary), to allow you to go about your day without having to worry about staying home instead of your daily schedule. Here at RC Plumbing, your safety and satisfaction are our priorities and will work hard to make sure your home or office are properly cared for. For any plumbing needs, feel free to visit us!

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