This community park features a baseball / softball area, BBQ, horseshoe pit, picnic shelters, picnic tables, playground, rentable, and restrooms. They could accommodate up to 60 people since there are 60 seats available. If the number of people goes over 60, then some might need to stand for long especially if they plan to let their kids play for 3 to 4 hours.


Before the park became popular among residents as a park, this location was once called Emerson School. It all comes down to the history of the old Lodi. 


By the spring of 1907, the population of Lodi was more than 2,000. 

At a cost of $500, a mission-style arch was installed on Pine and Sacramento Streets; the Tokay Carnival was held on September 19-21 to "notify the beauty and importance of Tokay grapes to the world." The Central California Traction Company line is formally opened. Emerson School opens as part of the Salem School District situated on Hutchins and Elm Streets (the school was abandoned in 1954 because it was deemed unsafe; the City of Lodi bought the property in July 1955 and later set up a park in its place). Now, it is called Emerson Park. That was how the park started.


Today, Emerson Park is still one of the best parks in Lodi in terms of venue, equipment and traffic. Most of the equipment is a little rusty, but kids don't seem to mind or think about it. 


Emerson Park is really clean, for all age groups, the grass is so thick that you can't see the dirt. The toilets are kept clean. There's a waterfall of water, too. There are 2 playgrounds for bigger children and one for toddlers. The equipment there has two different play areas (one for smaller children and one for larger children) and four swings (two for larger children and two for toddlers). There is also a sandbox, and the field is lined with 6 to 12 picnic tables where you can sit. As well as a small baseball diamond / soccer field to practice. 


The children's playground has been redesigned to prevent children from falling out or running during play. A huge relief for parents seeking to keep their children safe while they play. There's a baseball game field. The place has a lot of grass swings with adult and child safety seats.


It is convenient to have tools on the big-kid side. Kids can also enjoy the parts of the jungle gym. There are plenty of climbing bars and slides to try.


They've got a horseshoe pit, covered picnic tables, and a public bathroom that's kept pretty clean.


The park can be crowded at times and be busy. So, be wary of your children not getting lost on the playground.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Lodi, California:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Road in neighboring Stockton! Stop by anytime!

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