A park is an open-space area provided for recreational use. It may be in its natural or semi-natural state, or be cultivated, and is set aside for human enjoyment or wildlife or natural habitat protection. It may consist of rocks and grass areas, but may also include buildings and other artefacts such as playgrounds. Many of the natural parks are legally protected. Here at Legion Park, you can feel the nature with family and friends.

Legion Park, also known as American Legion Park, also has a small family park for the little tykes. A basketball court (included) is another sporting pursuit. There are also a large barbecue area and 3 picnic tables for picnics at the city park or for get-togethers outdoors. It’s also a rentable place so you need to make reservations if you want a big gathering here. The place offers 35 seats.


If you are interested to rent the place, the deposit is $50 dollars. The price for non-residents is $115. It’s $85 dollars for residents. If you have a friend who lives there, you can save a lot.


One of the reasons why people love Legion Park is that they offer four halls with a night lighting too! Although the park is small, people can see at the west end of the park a small grove of tall trees. The shade that these trees create is so welcoming to the season. It only makes you want a hammock set up and start taking a nap.


If you are to bring your family here, kids would love to play on the playground and swing. Here, they have bathrooms and are rentable for parties. The playground is for all ages, just watch the little ones on it, because it is an older playground that could easily collapse (not many railings). The place consists of eight baby swings and eight big kid swings, tennis courts and basketball hoops. You can still see plenty of lawn space to ride.

Aside from being a favorite spot as a park, Legion Park is also a public tennis facility. There are 4 public tennis courts at this tennis location. The tennis courts are not lighted. There are 7 active tennis partners currently registered at Legion Park. Remember the tennis court is only until 11 pm at night.

Located on South Hutchins Avenue, Legion Park has become a popular location for avid tennis players, as well as pickleball players. In particular, it has met the appeal of people looking to unwind after work.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Lodi, California:

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  • Micke Grove Regional Park

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  • Japanese Garden in Micke Grove Park

  • Vinewood Park

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  • Oak Grove Regional Park


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Road in neighboring Stockton! Stop by anytime!

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