The Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple (Wat Dhammararam) is an active Buddhist temple that features over 90 colorful and larger statues inlaid with life jewels that celebrate the life and story of the Cambodian Buddha. The temple boasts a recumbent Buddha, 50 feet long. The annual Cambodian New Year Celebration is also held every April.


In the early 1980s, Southeast Asian refugees were fleeing war-torn countries. Some of them moved to Stockton, California, United States of America.They   have begun to rebuild our lives; to integrate into American society. It is also important for them to preserve their ancestral cultural heritage as they assimilate to the American Society. Without their culture, They are going to get lost and confused, like fish out of the water. Cambodians were the first refugee in Stockton to form an association to raise funds and purchase land with a house at 3732 E. Carpenter Road to the Khmer Theravada Buddhist Monastery in August, 1982.


The Buddhist Temple of Theravada was established on August 18, 1982. The esteemed Buddhist monk Theravada Venerable Dhammavara Bel Lon accepted their invitation to stay at the new Khmer Temple. It was called Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple in early 1983. In 1993, the members of the association re-structured the Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple Association. Eventually, on March 25, 1994, the State of California officially declared its incorporation into law.


The original house is in need of major renovation. Board members are raising funds for a new $335,000.00 monk building, which was completed on 7 March 1995. The membership of Buddhist followers has increased, as has the need for Buddhist ceremonial services. On May 31, 1995 the groundbreaking of the new 119'X60' $610,000.00 all-purpose construction began, and the formal inauguration on 7 April 1996 was a success.


Board members and regular members shall contribute time and financial resources to the maintenance and improvement of the monastery. As a result, the Temple infrastructure, landscaping and religious structures are continually improving. Thanks to all their members and supporters for making these improvements possible. In addition to serving Cambodian and Buddhist communities in and beyond Stockton, Wat Dhammararam is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction in Stockton.


The Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple Association is organized in accordance with Cambodian culture and customs, Buddhist rules and California state law. The Honors Board and Master Ceremony Members maintain flawless discipline, knowledge, advice and guidance on Buddhist services. Board Members are guided by strict Temple rules, which are also helpful, respectful and courteous.


Wat Dhammararam has gradually improved and expanded since its inception.The role of Temple in serving the religious and social needs of the Cambodian community in and beyond Stockton. In the coming years, they've got a few projects they 're planning to do. This plan is only possible because of your thoughtful contributions. They hope for you, and your family will continue to support the Temple for years to come.

This amazing place is located near the following attractions in Manteca, California:

  • Caswell Memorial State Park

  • San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge 

  • Stockton Field Aviation Museum 

  • Woodward Community Park 

  • Gnekow Family Winery 

  • Shasta Park

  • Manteca Historical Society

  • Lucca Winery

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