The American Legion Park serves over 4,000 children and was the recipient of a Miracle Recreation Grant in the surrounding community. The American Legion park was burned down in the summer of 2017.  This reconstruction was a change for Stockton City to create a magnificent new, very colorful playground. The playground features the Miracle Concerto Music line.


It's a great place for development and exploration. The creativity is growing up at its peak. From building a fort to explore unexplored land, children can explore the world around them and wildlife. Parks are an ideal place for children to explore nature and to exercise their creativity!


Connection with family. family connection. Although children may feel connected to nature in a park, quality family time is also given. Families should bond without distracting TVs or wild to - do lists.


Giving a feeling of adventure. Every trip to the park brings new things to explore and to see. While children play, they will gain a sense of success because of outside obstacles that can lead to more self-confidence and self-worth. A pleasant experience in your local park will lead to a sense of nature, natural resources and open spaces.


Play teaches children social skills; how to share equally, play together and function as a group. Parks using the principles of inclusive playground design create an area where visitors willingly experience success regardless of age and ability. These play environments help children to recognize and embrace differences while appreciating diversity and showing sympathy.


Parks and other natural areas provide habitats for a variety of wildlife forms. That park has its own ecosystem, which preserves and protects a much-needed safe place for urban displaced people. It also exposes children to the importance of environmental management in order to slow down the increasing rate of extinction of species.


Time in nature is a strong stimulator of mood and tonic to mental health. Many studies have shown that green spaces are valuable to reduce stress and increase happiness. Even just 10 minutes spent in a park improves your sense of well-being, lower the stress hormone cortisol and boost your immune system.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Stockton, California:

  • Stockton Skate Park

  • Pixie Woods Children's Playland

  • Weber Point Events Center

  • Barkleyville

  • Michael Faklis Park

  • P.E. Weston Park

  • Quacker Lake

  • Stribley Community Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Rd. Stop by anytime!

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