Stockton Bukkyo Taiko is a Stockton Buddhist Temple subsidiary. Reverend David Matsumoto established the band in 1990 to assist exercise Buddhist teachings in a pleasant way. While some taiko performers are employees of the church, the audience is allowed to enter the band.  The Stockton Bukkyo Taiko has courses for community employees who are both educational and performing.

At many social and society activities, the Stockton Bukkyo Taiko performing team puts on a show. In relation to offering taiko drumming in aid of the Stockton Buddhist Temple, they have conducted at a multitude of concerts, fundraisers, and festivities.

At Temple events, members of our organization perform taiko as well as the community at large, with the aim of inspiring others and sharing the joy of the taiko experience. The Stockton Bukkyo Taiko researches taiko and provides performers with all nationalities and skills with guidance and facilities.

Taiko is Japanese drumming's craft. Stockton Bukkyo Taiko runs from the Buddhist church of Stockton and as such acts in many of the tasks of the church. Usually they also play annually at the Chinese New Year Festival and the Asparagus Festival! They offer classes for all ages and skill ranges.Z

The community at the Stockton Bukkyo Taiko is extremely welcoming. They are very community oriented and easy going. They teach the traditions style of drums to anyone willing to learn. The shows are very cultural and you will leave this experience having a better understanding of the japanese traditions. This style of drumming is very unique and a skill that many wish to have one day. 

Taiko has a mythological background in Japanese folklore, but historical records indicate that by Korean and Chinese cultural impact Taiko was brought to Japan as soon as the 6th century CE. Some taiko are comparable to Indian tools. Archeological proof also promotes the opinion that during the Kofun period of the 6th century, taiko was active in Japan. Their role has ranged throughout history, varying from festival and orchestral productions to communication, army intervention, theatrical accompaniment, and spiritual ceremonies. Taiko has also performed a key position in minority social movements both within and outside Japan in contemporary moments.

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