In 1954 Clyde J. Haney not only had a dream for a Bible College to prepare young men and women for ministry, but he also had a responsibility for his church and other local churches to open a grade school. During this time, students were dealing with secularism that started flooding our nation's public schools because of judges' rulings that took our students away from daily prayer and the Bible.


He was also very concerned about the genetic indoctrination which was being promoted by the public education system at this period. He knew the time had come for the students that God had put under his protection to provide a safe haven so that they could pursue studies in a Christian atmosphere.


Clyde J. Haney had strong relationships with local pastors who also expressed the same concerns, but lacked the resources to encourage their own children to study in a Christian setting. Such pastors have had the opportunity to send their students to this school.


It wasn't always easy, Pastor Clyde J. Haney and members of Stockton's First Pentecostal Church (now CLC) made great sacrifices to see that their children could learn and graduate from a school with a Christian environment. Throughout the past, there have been many difficult times, but 58 years later the Christian Life Center remains committed to maintaining a grade school with a standard of excellence and a godly environment within a country that is completely out of balance with animosity against God.


Today at Stockton Christian Academy, the legacy of Clyde J. Haney providing a Christian education for students remains strong. We continue to promote moral and academic achievement in a safe and respectful environment. Our academy remains committed to working with parents and students to ensure their personal success through on-site or in our home school program, based on the Bible.


Goal of the School:


  • The Stockton Christian Academy is dedicated to supporting and working in harmony with the Christian family and church to build solid Christian youth whose lives are founded upon the word of God.


  • This can make a difference in the life of your child.


  • A Christian school education will provide a healthy environment for your children to develop and grow into responsible adults in a day of changing social, moral, and spiritual values.


  • Character development and continued growth in the four main areas of life at Stockton Christian Academy-physical, spiritual, intellectual and social-are all related to the Bible, God's infallible Word.

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