Weston Park has a special dog field. This park is on EWS Woods Blvd and Ishi Goto Street corner. Dog parks will serve as a place for pet parents to meet. They bring their animals to the park for training and socializing with other animals. Owners of dogs do the same. While the dogs are playing, community members are more likely to form relationships, engage in conversations and exchange information about the neighborhood, such as activities, doctors and vet. There are a few indoor dog parks, but most of them are outdoors. Some of them are quite large and in a park-like setting. Others may not be much more than an area fenced in a field. Anyway, the air is free, fresh, and good for you.


Pause from your everyday routine is usually helpful, particularly if you get out. As useful as leasing your pet can be, allowing Fido to run free can be even better, especially if you are running along. Visiting the park not only takes you out of the house, it also gives you a break from the same steps every day in the neighborhood. Change is good. Change is good.


Visiting Dog Parks


As leash laws remain more restrictive, many city elected officials see dog parks as a way of encouraging dogs to run free of fines to pet owners or private property. Dog parks also foster health because animal owners don't travel on busy roads. Public canine parks allow dogs to practice large amounts of leaching and social activities with other animals. Once dogs have the physical and mental stimulation they need, people will see a reduction in their dog's trouble-making behavior, which will also benefit society.

Owning A Dog


In addition, it can be good for you to own a pet. Animals can make your household and family more loved and friendly, which can help reduce stress. However, owning a dog will make you happier because you just want to be a good pet owner and walk around the dog every day. Yes, you fulfill the government's guideline for daily physical exercise when you walk your dog. Studies show that owners of pets usually have lower cholesterol and blood pressure than owners of non-pets.


With a dog park, you will have healthier livestock and people in your town or neighborhood to improve the quality of life. Hold these advantages in mind when preparing the future of the facilities of your park.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Stockton, California:

  • Stockton Skate Park

  • Pixie Woods Children's Playland

  • Weber Point Events Center

  • Barkleyville

  • Michael Faklis Park

  • Quacker Lake

  • Stribley Community Park

  • American Legion Park


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Rd. Stop by anytime!

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