As seen on Huell Howser's "Road Trip." Pixie Woods Amusement Park is Stockton's own fairyland for the "young in age and the young at heart." A family favorite for more than 55 years, this beautiful and well manicured park offers hours of fun for everyone. Take the vintage merry round trip or take a Pixie Express train that travels across Indian territory— but look for pirates. Children will enjoy several slides and playgrounds, a fire truck, a pirate boat and the playground for oceans. Rent one of the festive party rooms of the Pixie Woods for a birthday to remember!


Why You Should Visit


Pixie Woods started as a dream and became a reality in 1954 due to the generosity of many local companies, organizations and people.  More than one million visitors from all 50 countries have visited its rainbow gates. Pixie Woods has been founded and receives generous donations from the group.  The park also has the Yum Yum Restaurant, which sells snacks and drinks.


Founded on the core value that reflects an unwavering commitment to the Stockton community, the Pixie Woods Children's Park first opened its door in 1954 through the generous support of the City of Stockton, local businesses and organizations, and numerous Stockton citizens. More than a million visitors from nearby and far have been coming in the last 60 years to witness the beauty and enchantment this magical fairy nation possesses. Pixie Woods continues to be a wonderful place for the "young in age and the young at heart"


About The Board


As a volunteer advisory group, the Pixie Woods Board assists the Community Services Department of City of Stockton in a number of ways to ensure the current and future success of this children's playland. As well as advising program development and operations, the Board promotes park activities and fundraises for park improvements and projects. Visiting the "young in age and the young at heart," fairy country in 3121 Monte Diablo Avenue, Pixie Woods. 


The Pixie Express Train has passed through the Frontier Town paths. Take an excursion down the lagoon on the Pixie Queen paddle-wheel boat, or enjoy a ride on a vintage carousel. Pixie Woods park is filled with fun attractions.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Stockton, California:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Rd. Stop by anytime!

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