.A Skatepark is a fun environment created for skateboarding, BMX, scooter, wheelchairs and competitive inline skating. Skatepark may contain semi-pipes, fourth pipe, spine transfers, handrails, funboxes, green ramps, pyramids, pipes, bowls, snake runs, stairs and other objects.


About The Skate Park


El Dorado Street, between Swain Road and Benjamin Holt Drive is the Stockton Skate Park. This thrilling skater venue was designed and opened in December 2000.  The structure has a lunar bowl, small offset measures, half-pipe, rail, EMB, fun box, pillar, piano and a star. For all ages, the skate park is a perfect recreational place for enjoying one of the most popular sports today. The park offers Stockton youth a healthy, supportive, alcoholic and drug-free environment.  The venue has a number of popular features and compares well with other skate parks in the area. Helmets and pads are necessary.


What You Should Know 


Skateboarding has no set arena or rules and skateparks have no standard design structure, unlike organized sports, like basketball and football. Every skatepark is specifically designed to provide its users with unique challenges. However, there are three main skatepark design categories: bowls, street squares and flow parks.


Bowl Parks are planned to mimic and improve the experience of pool skating. Skaters in bowl parks can move around the park without pushing out their feet. In addition to skating back and forth, the curved walls of bowls allow skateboarders to ride around and across a bowl on a typical half pipe. Bowls and bowl parks come in many forms and sizes, but the majority of bowls are from 3' to 12' wide.


Street Plaza Parks are the favorite of the vast majority of skaters, designed to emulate and improve the experience of skating. Obstacles in a street plaza look like street natural terrain like stairs, railings, planters and benches. Skater starts off with their feet in a street square to gain momentum. Vancouver Skate Plaza, built in 2004 by New Line Skateparks, is the first public outdoor skate plaza.


Flow parks (or park-style parks) combine elements of both bowling parks and road squares. A skater can pump curved walls, such as quarter pipes, pump bumps, bowl corners in a well-designed flow field, without moving off his feet. You can use this pace to reach road barriers including ramps, railings and benches.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Stockton, California:

  • Pixie Woods Children's Playland

  • Weber Point Events Center

  • Barkleyville

  • Michael Faklis Park

  • P.E. Weston Park

  • Quacker Lake

  • Stribley Community Park

  • American Legion Park


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Rd. Stop by anytime!

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