In 1883). 143W Acacia St. The Eastlake style of California was built by the architects Samuel and Joseph Newsom of San Francisco in 1883 for William Swett. Stockton Mail staffed Swett and his family lived in the home until the sale took place in 1891.


The rancher and contractor, Cyrus Moering Sr. bought the house in 1898, where he lived until his death in 1911. Moering has headed Cyrus Moreing & Sons, which held several of San Joaquin County's largest bond road construction contracts. Moering was also an elected Second Ward councilman and a baseball team was in possession. Between 2015 and 2016, the house was damaged by fire and demolished from then on. On 26 July 1982, by resolution No. 39,263, the house was added to the City Register.

The Swett-Moreing Home is truly a Victorian Masterpiece. It was built in 1883. The city’s mission was to preserve an amazing landmark. This landmark represents Stockton's enthnic, social, cultural, artistic, and historical heritage. This home was headed by San Francisco architect Joseph and Samuel Newsom. William Sweet lived with his family in this home and was sold in 1891. Cyrus Moering Sr. then purchased the house. He also lived there with his family. Moering was the head of his own construction compant that held bonds for the highways in San Joaquin Country. 

Unfortunately a part of this landmark was destroyed in a fire in November of 2014. The interior of the property was already abandoned by then and destroyed by the original owners.

Crossroads is a tax-free organization based in the US 501(c)(3). We firmly believe it's crucial for the community to develop and maintain affordable housing. The establishment of effective community and organized facilities benefits residents of low income and preserve our rich cultural patrimony and built environment, emphasize domestic ownership.

This amazing landmark is located near Downtown Stockton and also only a short distance away from:

  • Temple Israel Cemetery

  • County Jail Site

  • Reuel Colt Gridley Monument

  • Benjamin Holt Home

  • Temporary Detention Camps at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds

  • Swett-Moreing Home

  • County Courthouse Site

  • Burial place of John Brown

  • Weber Point

  • Miner Levee Site

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