Airport Way (1942). The Stockton Assembly Center housed 4,217 San Joequin County residents, dating from May 10th to October 17th 1942, under Executive Order 9066, in the context of the outbreak of World War II and a tendency to detain Japanese Americans "for their own personal safety."

The confines were topped with barbed wire and temporary housing barracks for the Japanese. 4217 Japanese residents in San Joaquin County, whos majority was Americans, were interned in this facility from May to October of 1942. This was all done under the Executive Order 9066. The executive order was a usurpation of social, economic, and civil rights and was done without any charges are trials. They were detained in the facility for 160 days and after the closing of this particular camp, the inmates were transfered to Rohwer, Arkansas concentration camp.


The origins of the prisoners at this camp hailed from Los Angeles and Stockton. They were given nothing but cots. Some were housed in stables where ticks and fleas stayed. They used straw as bedding and the stench of horses still stained the air. The Stockton Assembly Centre, which was called California Historic Site # 934 in 1980, was one of twelving California transitional prison centres. In 1984, at the door to the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, a historical sign was built.

The Education Office of San Joaquin County was granted $180.836 for teachers to develop in four critical stories: the Japanese American internotion, the history of Fred Korematsu, the history of the California Assembly Centers and the personal history of presenters in six acro areas.

Stockton was a big player in Japanese American concentration camps. Their facilities were that of temporary barracks. This was just a stop so that they can perpare the permenant barracks in Arkasas. There were two other temporary camps in California, Tule Lake and Manzanar. Many of the the Japanese lost their property and possesions through the process of internment. They were fully wronged and suffered at the hands of America and the war.

This amazing landmark is located near Downtown Stockton and also only a short distance away from:

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  • Benjamin Holt Home

  • Reuel Colt Gridley Monument

  • Swett-Moreing Home

  • County Jail Site

  • Burial place of John Brown

  • Temporary Detention Camps at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds

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