Tracy is a place where you're greeted by name by neighbors and local merchants and the welcome never ends. They have music and entertainment opportunities for people of all ages and families.


Gretchen Talley Park is one of Tracy's larger parks typically located in the better part of town. The best thing about this park is the safety cameras on both entrances. And the fact that it's in a very watchful area means you'll never see any suspicious men around in seconds because the police will be there. Definitely a secure place to bring your family.


People will find this place for youngsters as well as older adults. The park has plenty of tables, plenty of grass, and some outside grills. Also, you can see two opposite-side play platforms, street hockey, two covered seating areas (one with outdoor barbecue). 


Bringing your family out here for a play date on Sunday afternoon. There are separate jungle gyms for big and small kids, and parents have plenty of benches and shade to sit while their kids are exhausting themselves in preparation for good nights of sleep. Your children will love the kid's play field. There are two play designs, one the form of a submarine, and one with a ladder variety and a twisty slide. There's a "dinosaur bones" sand play area that kids will enjoy, and a playground range with 2 swings (but not baby swings). You will love how the fossil bones will dig up in this park.


This park is perfect for everybody, something needs to be done for everyone here.

Lots of shade trees standing over benches. Lovely park but with no toilets. and a basketball court. And it's also got many benches across the park. It also has a summer refrigeration place with water sprinklers that automatically switches on and off. It is a nearby park opposite a primary school.


Gretchen Talley Park is a go-to park for newcomers, regulars, and locals. You’ll never get bored bringing a friend or a family here. The area is quiet and in some areas sunny and cool.


A park is a public area of grassland with trees, generally in a town where people go to rest and enjoy themselves.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Tracy, California:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Road in neighboring Stockton! Stop by anytime!

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