Zanussi Park is a nice family place where there is an open green room with grills for picnic tables & a stroll through trees & flowers. It is quite a pleasant locally owned park to go running, cycling, jogging or riding bikes across the lake. There are plenty of large fields of green grass so carry your own sporting gear (soccer, cricket, football, etc.). It also has two separate play areas-one for younger children and the other with a mini rock wall for bigger kids. There is also a toilet space and water fountains. The grounds do have a gazebo that often has children hanging out and smoking in, but most of the time it's a nice spot to have a quiet break or take some pretty pictures.


This park also has a beautiful barbecue bbq area right next to one of the playgrounds with benches all over.  If you are a dog owner, you can enjoy taking your dog. They could run and walk on an enormous grass field, and some playing structures. It’s a perfect spot to have a bonding time with your pet.

This is a great park for both adults and children alike. It can be your favorite chill-out place! The place has well-kept grounds for every field sport (basketball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc.) or even just flying kites, playing ball with your dog. There are big trees spread around the streets to shade the lawn & benches. It's perimeter is used by our health-conscious neighbors for frequent jogs or walks. Great for keeping track of a mile sprint.

Zanussi is a community park where people can relax on their free time or on their way home. 

A park is an area of natural, semi-natural, or cultivated land reserved for human enjoyment and recreation, or for wildlife or natural habitat conservation. Urban parks are green areas within towns and cities set aside for recreation.

Parks are part of the urban infrastructure: for physical exercise, for meeting and socializing families and neighborhoods, or for a simple break. Research reveals that more mental health benefits are derived from people who exercise in green-space outside. Providing events for all ages, abilities and levels of income is vital to the public's physical and mental health.

This amazing park is located near the following parks in Tracy, California:

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  • Veteran's Park

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  • Ritter Family Ball Park

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  • Larch Clover Park 


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our Stockton location, 2613 Waterloo Road in neighboring Stockton! Stop by anytime!

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