What are the Types of Plumbers?


When looking for a plumber, there are three main types of plumbers you can choose from. The licensed and certified plumber at RC Plumbing would like customers to know what they are, and what each type of plumber specializes in. The three main types of plumbers consist of commercial plumbers, residential plumber, and service and repair plumbers. 


Commercial plumbers specialize in plumbing issues in larger scale business, office and corporate environments. Commercial plumbers tend to be seen working on school, office, store and stadium plumbing services. Usually, these types of plumbers work in connection with a specific company because of the various problems a business might have. The rates for commercial plumbers can also vary depending on the amount of time taken, and the amount of supplies needed. 


Residential plumbers specialize in plumbing issues pertaining to a house or home. These types of plumbers tend to work on smaller scale problems such as clogged toilets, sink drainage issues and pipe cleanings. Depending on the region and time of year, it is recommended to have a residential plumber take a look at plumbing in and around a residential area to check for pipe rusting, water drippage, pipe cloggings and out-of-date systems. For residential jobs, it is more likely that the cost covers the materials and a small repair fee that goes straight to the plumber. While each company is different, plumbers are usually paid by the hour and take into consideration the type of servicing required. 


Lastly, as the name states, are the service and repair plumbers. Their job is to service pipes, bathroom installations, kitchen appliances and outdoor piping. What is meant by “servicing” is that a licenced plumber goes through a servicing client’s house/business and carefully inspects their plumbing systems. What they are looking for is backed up piping, pipe wear-and-tear, system efficiency and over plumbing success. They also provide repair services to both commercial and residential settings. Since the service and repair plumbers specialize in installing, servicing and repairing plumbing structures, their rates may vary from job to job. 

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