Does A Hot Water Heater Run All The Time?


What Causes Your Water Heater To Run Constantly?


Did you experience an odd sound from some of your plumbing fittings? The persistent sound of running water? Have you tested all of your plumbing systems and fixtures yet not been able to identify the source of the sound? The sound may be because your hot-water tank is running. If your water heater is running continuously, it's likely a problem. Here are a few potential problems you could have with your water heater.




Leakages are the main reason the water heater is able to run continuously. Hot water tank leaks can occur due to multiple system faults. The responsibility for flushing the water heater rests with a drain valve. A high-pressure relief valve holds the ideal temperature and the pressure inside the tank as well. Damaged or old drain valve or TPR valve can also lead to tank leakages.


Sediment Buildup


Over time, minerals, salts, and contaminants build up at the water heater's bottom. If you have not drained your tank in a while, the deposition of sediments will cause the inefficient functioning of your hot water tank. The layers of the sediments migrate with the water and try to seep out even the smallest gap near the pipe connections. The sediments thus corrode the system, leading to leakages.


Loose Connections


When installing or fixing water heaters, it is often seen that such attachments and connections are not done properly. Pipe fittings and valve or tank locations are not clamped firmly. Through these loose connections, water flows freely and results in large leakages. That is when you hear your water heater with a constant running sound. Constant preventive maintenance of the connections will avoid leaks in water heaters and future repairs.


Aged Hot Water Tanks


Some water heaters have a lifetime of some 10-20 years. So in every residential or commercial environment different water heater defects, like running tanks, may occur sooner or later. The hot water tanks' proper functioning systems wear out with time and get less functional. Daily inspection and preventive maintenance are therefore necessary for the proper functioning of the hot water tanks. Old pipes, connectors, connections, insulation, interior parts, etc. are impractical for the tanks to function properly. Yet poor operation ensures that plumbing faults have high chances of occurring.


There's no question that running water heaters will cause considerable harm to your home and gallons of water waste. Even a slow but constantly running hot water tank will, if left untreated, cause considerable water damage over time. Certain serious issues that may occur include-decay of the floor or walls, and/or damage to the water heater, plumbing fixtures, pipes, etc. It is, therefore, crucial to keep a regular check of the proper functioning of the water heaters.

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