What Type Of Water Softener Is Best?


The 9 Best Water Softeners of 2020


  • Best Overall: GE 40,000 Grain


The top pick will take care of the entire home for the best water softener overall. Although liquid and pellet softeners are great for specific tasks such as washing, they are too small to handle complete water supply for a home. Nevertheless, the GE 40,000 Grain has the potential to handle any watering job because it hooks directly up to the plumbing, filtering the water long before it hits a faucet.


  • Best Budget: Aquasana SimplySoft


Since water softeners can range from a few to thousands of dollars, knowing what your budget is before you buy one is helpful. Budget-conscious consumers should stick to task-specific softeners, which are cheap but quality-limited. However, the better alternative is an inexpensive permanent softener such as the SimplySoft Aquasana. This softener can perform a number of small tasks without requiring a refill, using a salt-free system that sits right hooks up to the water supply.


  • Best for Well Water: iSpring 6-Stage RCC7 AK Sytem


Well, water doesn't always taste that amazing though having your own well comes with its advantages. This iSpring six-stage water softener aims to kill 99 percent of more than 1,000 different pollutants, such as asbestos, bacteria and other things that you probably don't want your family to drink. The result is safe, great-tasting water that many believe is as good or better than you can buy bottled water in a supermarket. Since the process also extracts some healthy minerals, this softener comes with an additional filter which adds some of them back in so you don't lose their benefits.


  • Best Liquid Water Softener: Calgon Liquid


For laundry and dishwashing settings, liquid softeners are used when people decide to extract the mineral deposit from the water. Such buildup can shorten the lifespan of both clothing and washing machines. Removing this accumulation would improve the effectiveness of the laundry detergent as only dirt and grimness remain. The Calgon Liquid Softener is a perfect alternative for those wanting a better experience in laundry or dishwashing.


  • Best Pellet Water Softener: Diamond Crystal Soft and Bright


Whole-home water softening systems need a source of softening, such as salt, to do the job. It can usually require pounds of precisely formulated salt being poured directly into a brine tank. Since this can get very messy, a good alternative is a salt pellet such as the Diamond Crystal Soft and Bright that comes as a single, packaged salt package.


  • Best Electronic Water Softener: Eddy Water Descaler


If you want a modern way of extracting minerals from water, an electronic water softener is the best choice to consider. Electronic softeners such as the Eddy Water Descaler create an electromagnetic pulse that breaks down minerals naturally in the water as it passes through a home's pipes. This method can handle a number of minerals without residual particles in the water compared with salt.


  • Best Heavy Duty Water Softener: Aquasana Rhino 5-Stage


Large-scale softening of the water may be appropriate for large homes or businesses where water quality really matters. For those large tasks, liquid and pellet softeners would clearly fail. Also, common softeners that hook up to the plumbing will lack the capacity to handle the water efficiently at the rate you need. If you need the most in terms of ability the Aquasana Rhino 5-Stage is the only real choice.


  • Best Salt Free Water Softener: Pelican Water Natursoft


A popular alternative to washing, dishwater and pellet softeners is salt-free water softeners. Although salt does the job, some people don't like sodium residual aftertaste or extra presence. Salt can also extract minerals from the water for nutrition. The Natursoft Pelican Water is an easy, salt-free water softener that gets the job done.


  • Best Twin Tank: 48K Dual Tank Alternating Water Softener with Fleck 9100


If your water is especially rough and iron-filled or you use more water than the average household, you might want to invest in a twin tank water softener to prevent any hard water bouts when regenerating a single tank model. This one from Fleck promises to offer 24 hours / seven days week soft water and is a perfect choice for big families or those with particularly hard water. When one tank runs out of water and starts to rebuild, the other gets to work, ensuring the soft water flow is not disturbed

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