What's The Best Homemade Drain Cleaner?


Here are several ways of clearing a drain clog without toxic chemicals:


  1. Dish Soap and Hot Water


Boil about 2 liters of water and mix with liquid dish soap in a few tablespoons. Take the mixture and pour down the sink slowly.


This method may take some tries, but it will work great on grease clogs as it heats the grease back to a liquid so it can travel out of the pipe all the way.


    2. Wire Coat Hanger


Straighten out the hanger, but leave the line. To dump your results, make sure you have a grocery bag or something.


Use the hanger hook end to fish in the drain and pull up any food or hair residue that blocks the pipe passage. Rush hot water down the sink after extracting as much as you can.


    3. Baking Soda & Vinegar


Place a 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain and clear the area around your sink. Replace this with a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Now plug the drain into it and let it sit for an hour.


Then unplug the drain and pour down a pot of hot water. Continue to pour hot water down the drain until it becomes clear.


    4. Salt, Borax, and Vinegar


Start with salt 1/4 cup, Borax 1/4 cup, and then vinegar 1/2 cup. Add a pot of boiling water and let it sit for at least one hour or until it is already clear. Eventually, rinse to flush all ingredients down the drain with hot tap water.


    5. Baking Soda & Salt


Combine salt and baking soda. Approximately every 1/2 cup and dump down the drain. Let it stay for at least half an hour or it can be overnight. Clear it with a pot of boiling water once it has a significant time. The heavier the clog, the longer it has to sit down.


    6. Plunger


This technique is especially for the sink in the kitchen. Food gets stuck under the sink at the drain curve where it is difficult to reach with a hook, so try to clear it with a plunger. Next, clean any dishes or rags from your tub. Halfway fill the sink with warm tap water and pour it slowly. We recommend a rubber plunger.


What are the benefits of using green solutions?


Breathing natural products is healthier than toxic chemicals. They're not going to eat-up your pipes, saving you money and headaches down the road. Basically, improving the world is just a great way to preserve it and live joyfully!


What is so wrong with using synthetic cleaners?


There is sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid in industrial cleaners. Which means they're going to eat-up your pipes. It doesn't matter if these pollutants will destroy them over time, whether the pipes are made of metal or plastic. We are tempting to use them because these types of cleaners tend to work quicker and are cheaper than getting a plumber, but they will cause more long-term problems.


How can I avoid having clogged drains?


Here are some additional tips:


  • Never put grease, oil, banana peels, potato peels, eggshells, bones, pits or seeds down the drain. 

  • Put ice cubes in your garbage disposal to sharpen the blades.

  • Run cold water when the disposal is on.

  • For a fresh sent put tiny citrus or lemon peels in the disposal. 

  • Put a hair trap in your bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers.


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