Why is Plumbing Important?


Plumbing is an integral part of any building structure. It provides water services for faucets, water fountains, laundry room appliances, showers, bathtubs and other necessary items. It also provides running water to outdoor facilities such as greenhouses, crop fields and a variety of sprinkler systems. Depending on what type of running water is needed, it is extremely important to take into consideration what kind of plumbing in necessary. 


Some examples that show just how important plumbing is in a residential or commercial setting are given below:

  • A large home contracting business is looking for adequate plumbing for a set of houses, but is not sure if he should include sprinkler systems in the front and backyard. Because he is unsure, he contacts a licensed and specialized plumber to examine the houses location. Once the plumber takes a look at and assesses the housing units, he determines that sprinklers will be needed because the regions tends to be dry during most of the year. The plumber also decides to include flexible copper plumbing in the houses because they do not rust and allow both hot and cold temperatures all year round. 

  • A homeowner has found their garage filled with water near a leaking pipe. Although they can clearly see that a pipe is leaking, they are unsure if there is more damage below their house. After calling a plumber, they take a look at the connected pipes around their house and determine that their pipes are too old to work properly. Eventually, the homeowners realize that it would be more convenient for them to replace the old, leaky and broken pipes with newer more efficient ones. With this repair and replacement, this homeowner will avoid extra costs stemming from leaking pipes (i.e. rotten wooden flooring, damp walls, mold and mildew, higher water bill).

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